When you go through life aspiring to get a STi.


It’s The Little Things

It’s the little things in life that make you smile, or so the saying goes. That’s sweet, but I’m also partial another phrase: money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy a motorcycle and that’s pretty much the same thing. Feel free to replace ‘motorcycle’ with whatever has the ability to slap a silly grin on your face. At a glance these two sayings appear somewhat contradictory, but I think they compliment each other quite well.

I love my motorcycle, my car, my bikes, my snowboard. However I only get to ride 7 months of the year, and traffic makes driving in the city pain. I don’t get out to the trails as much as I’d like, and because Ontario lacks any real mountains snowboarding is pretty much a once-a-year affair. There’s a lot of downtime involved with my activities so it’s nice to have small reminders about them.

Little Die-cast Models

In the lead image is a die-cast model I managed to find that is a perfect match for my Daytona. The model itself is nothing to write home about but the fact that a miniature version of my motorcycle can sit on my desk and conjure happy memories is priceless. This model is not my first – I’ve been collecting die-cast cars since kindergarten and have too many to count. As it turns out a Ninja was already in my collection well before I had the notion of buying one nearly a decade later.

Die-cast models of a Kawasaki ZX-10R, Suzuki GSX-R, Yamaha YZF and an ATV.

The orange ZX-10R closely resembles my ZX-6R in outward appearance.

Little Accessories

One of my most highly anticipated purchases was a little thing so little you could easily lose it with your keys. Fitting, since it is meant to be attached to them. In the depths of eBay I discovered a ZX-6R keychain that matched my bike’s model year. Shipping took an agonizing month and when I received notice of the package I rushed to the post office with minutes to spare before closing. I was so happy to have my two dimensional Ninja and felt that it really completed my bike. Sadly, it’s all I have left to remember that bike by.

During my recent trip to the Tail of the Dragon in Tennessee and North Carolina I got a chance to ride on the most amazing roads I’ve ever been on. This left a lasting impression on me and I felt compelled to take a piece of the Dragon back home. After lots of deliberation I decided to adorn my bike with several decals. Prior to this I was anti-sticker because I thought it ruined the clean look of the machine but I knew that I’d see them every time I rode and would be transported back. I was even able to colour-match them!

Tail of the Dragon decal on fairing.

US 129 decal on fairing.

As silly as they seem, little things can help keep the big things alive.

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